Music In The Park – Bringing house a prize

Music In The Parks Festival provides a year-end evaluation by an outside panel and reinforces music talents that have been presented by your faculty.

Experienced necessary and vocal teachers will offer suggestions on how to develop your student’s performance. Our master teachers assess hundreds of groups throughout the course of a festival season. This allows them a unique perspective that an individual teacher may not provide. Generally, our teachers comment that while a nationally known adjudicator strengthens the equal concepts they have been pointing out every year, it has a significant impact on their students.  Music in the Park will welcome place. Live bands will bring to the stage and the evening will finish with the Proms also fireworks.

Ensembles from all over the United States also Canada participate in Music In The Parks. Your school also hometown will be announced at the awards ceremony at the park. Bringing house a prize is like winning a sporting event. It benefits increase awareness of the arts and reflects that the school has a stable curriculum. Every performing group gets a trophy at Music in the Parks.

Turn the scheduled dates on your calendar; bring your family, friends and park chairs, and prepare to enjoy performances by local music groups! Permits are provided by the Platteville Main Street Program and Gina’s Restaurant & Bar.  Feel free to bring the adult drink of your favorite and picnic with us in the park.  This program is presented by the Platteville Main Street Program also the City of Platteville.