Instagram Video Downloader tutorial – teaching at room

Instagram Video Downloader tutorial.

Instagram is a very popular photo and video sharing social networking website and app that helps you to share memories with your friends and followers. If you use Instagram, then You ever tried to download Instagram Videos. I know it because that is why you are here and reading this article for saving your Insta Videos from your Android Mobile, iPhone and PC, Laptop and Tablet whatever you are using can download it instantly without downloading or installing any malicious software that can be very harmful for you and your device and you can do so by using your puffin browser or simple browser like UC Mini, after all, it is a website.

Method 1 – For those who use Instagram App.

This method will work for those people who use Instagram from their smartphones, tablet, and iPad. This will work only for some accounts this privacy is Public. Whenever you scroll down the feed then you notice that three dots on the picture or video, when you tab on these dots list, will pop up and will see three options and do tab on COPY SHARE URL after it follows these steps.
Step 1 – Copy the URL of that video which you want to save in your hard drive.
Step 2 – Go to and the best part of this site is easily accessible from any device, in short, it is a responsive website.
Step 3 – Now, You will find the Text box on this website. Just paste the URL into the box and hit the download Button!
Step 4 – Nothing is left, Just download your Video!
Do you not happy with this answer? Of course, They applied private account privacy. How can you download private account video? I will show you a simple trick to download their video online without login into your account from any app. I recommend not to do that increases the chances of exposing your password and account can be hacked as well.

Method 2 – For Private Instagram Accounts.

In this method, I will tell you how you can do it, without install any app and that will help on computer as well as on smart phones. First of you need to login to your Instagram from browser like chrome or mozilla firefox etc
Step 1 – Login to your Instagram account from browser and smartphone user use puffing browser.
Step 2 – Open the video in a new tab and copy the URL of video from search bar and you have to remove the username from the URL.
Step 3 – Go to Insta Video DownloaderStep 4 – Paste the URL in the textbox click on download button then you will redirect to another page from where you can save your video.
Hope you liked this article. Make sure that you do not have any right on these videos. Yes, you can download it but do not upload or distribute as your own videos. if you do this then You will cause a problem for you!