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Hey there! “Home Valuation Improvement – BLOG” is all about living a creative lifestyle with home intention. If you’re a blogger who loves the site and are passionate about the topics talked about here, I’d love to have you write for me.According to us, Your Home is the place where you grow up from your childhood, your teenage flourish and you become a successful person. It must represent your lifestyle and taste. Therefore, it needs to be designed in the best ways to get comfortable, feeling of security and a better life.

We always welcome a genuine writer and contributor for our Home Design and Improvement blog in “Home Valuation Improvement – BLOG”. If you want to write for, it is a great place to share your thought about Home Design, Home Improvement, DIY & Crafts, Interior & Exterior Design, Garden Design, Kitchen and Furniture Design. However, we have some Guidelines that you need to follow otherwise we will reject your article. Want to get your content up on the site faster? Here’s what I’ll need from you:

  • Promotional articles will not be published.
  • Word Limit: 1000+ Words
  • Use images from free stock sites like,, and
  • Article content must be 100% unique and not previously published anywhere else.
  • You may include 1 link to your blog or website and 1-2 links to an authority website.
  • Include a value to your content
  • No grammatical or spelling errors! I will not accept plagiarism of any kind and I use tools such as Copyscape and Plagiarism Checker

Please keep in mind, while you want to write an article for us. An editor will manually review your article. If your article has been accepted, He/she will contact you forward. Please to create a unique and original article and it must be related to Home design, Home tools, Home advice and Home Improvement. You also need to follow all the rules above.

Feel free to Contact us or submit your article to us by giving us a text file complete with images in a zip file. If you are ready to submit your article, feel free to email the zip file to us at


All content found within is not to be used or reproduced without our permission. If you want to re-publish any content (posts, pictures, or graphics) please contact us.


  • Once any post is published it will become the copyrighted property of
  • We reserve all the rights to make changes in the post.
  • We reserve the right to reject your blog post.


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How to submit articles:

Your content must be original. It can’t be posted in part or in its entirety on another site.

Self-promotion: Please refrain from self-promotion for individual products or services within the body of your article. If you’d like to advertise with us instead, please contact us for rates. Property and Ownership: The blog post and all of its content submitted by you is property of Please do not re-post any part of the article in its published form on your blog or elsewhere without my permission. I may include affiliate links within the post for products mentioned. These may provide commission for me to help support I reserve the right to edit or modify submitted text as I see fit. I will strive to keep the content the same but may edit for spelling, grammar, etc. Sharing the post: Promotion is not necessary, but I will ask that if you’re interested, to please post a link to the article on your social media platforms. FYI: I will only host guest posts for fellow bloggers. If you would like me to publish a post, it needs to have external links only to personal blogs/ personal social media sites. Any links to external non-blog sites will be removed.