Gun shows in texas

The Original Texas Gun Show is proud to be a place where small mom and pop merchants share the floor with great dealers that buy, sell, and trade firearms at our shows.

Our Vendors are some of the most popular in the state Of Texas! The diversity at our shows is comprehensive, and often, if we don’t have it, they don’t make it.
The Houston Area Gun Shows, Central Texas Gun Shows, and DFW area gun shows every has their sources in the Original Fort Worth Gun Show. The Original Fort Worth Gun show started in the early 70’s in the Will Rogers Memorial Center. The show was produced by the Southside Optimist Club of Fort Worth with center member Bob Norman as show director. The show proceeded to be a success with attendance growing every year.

Over the years, the club decided to divest itself of the show. Bob Norman did not allow the tradition die, but took the reins and proceeded the favorite pastime of many. With the moving of Bob in 2005, the roles shifted to his daughter Michelle who had helped her father with the shows since their work. Michelle and her husband Tim, who joined her in 1981, have remained to run and grow the fame of the gun show faithfully.

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