Adult hip hop dance classes

Studying ballet is one of the most efficient and elegant ways of improving posture, balance, flexibility, and strength. No experience required for the beginning classes; one year of training is suggested for advanced beginning, barre and mixed-level classes, or at least two for intermediate and int./advanced. The Pointe or Pointe Prep course, what may be done in pointe shoes or on demi-pointe, will concentrate on ankle-strengthening exercises also is for students also enrolled in the mixed-level class leading it.

Learn from the expert instructors and get in shape.  Every instructor offers a varied style of Hip Hop dance, so either you are looking for a workout or great choreography, there is a class for you.

These classes develop a fast-paced, high-energy “MTV-style” dance. After a brief warm-up, the class will focus on learning aerobic dance unions done to pop also hip-hop music. At least six months hip-hop experience suggested for advanced beginner class; one year for intermediate. Wear sneakers also be prepared to sweat!

Adult Hip Hop class is for adults ages as 18 and up. The class will start off with some grooves. Then there will be some light stretching also strengthening. The rest of the class will be spent learning also practicing a combination. This course is perfect for adults that need to get a better sense of rhythm, let loose, and burn some calories. We offer a great quality of adult dance and dance fitness classes every week.

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