Academy of dance arts

You are cordially invited to take your dancing dreams alive with our merciful faculty, comprised of former dance professionals also certified instructors, often joined by our shining student coaches.  We are committed to giving each student concerned, personalized attention, for proven individual development.  The happiness we gain from seeing numerous of our graduates continue dancing with organizations and leading university dance programs is incredible!  We believe in giving the extraordinary quality in class offerings; the excellent value for your investment in your most beloved family member:  your child.  We inspire aspiring dancers to better their own artistic dreams, ignited in the tender landscape of childhood.

The Academy of Dance Arts is a professional dance school that gives classes in Classical Ballet using the Cecchetti Method, Jazz, Spanish Dance and Flamenco, Hip Hop and Contemporary Dance.

The Academy promotes from newly-built, state-of-the-art bases with five studios fitted with Harlequin sprung floors and all the needed amenities.

The Academy also gives dance classes to students at San Anton School, Mgarr using a studio that has been set up by the Academy in San Anton School itself.

The teachers at the Academy of Dance Arts are completely qualified in their respective departments.

If you are not sure that of our dance classes are the right fit for you or your kid, you are welcome to visit a free trial class at any time, in any of the dance disciplines of your decision. At the Academy, we think that dancing is a joyful gift, and we need you to have an active or positive experience in the class that is an ideal fit for you.

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